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The GOP is “begging for America to fail” September 29, 2013

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clintonReally Bill?  Well, I’ve got news for you…America failed the day we elected you and your pal Obama. America failed when we were duped by an admittedly brilliant slogan, ‘Hope and Change’ because it meant whatever you wanted it to. If you were poor, it meant Obama would make you rich. If you were sick, it meant Obama would make you well. If you were stupid, Obama would make you smart.

Obama told us from the very start what he was going to do…he didn’t hide it. The media could have exposed him, could have held him accountable…but they didn’t and that gave him credibility to a very stupid electorate.

The Liberal ideology that has been infecting our society since Woodrow Wilson has finally ruptured its septic poison throughout our American body. Obama knows he’s so very close to killing the America that our forefathers envisioned if he can just keep us from finding a conservative who will cure us with an antibiotic for Obamacare and all the wretched diseases that liberalism cause.

Liberalism is the failure that is befalling America because it doesn’t promote greatness. It promotes itself. Like a self-replicating cancer it will eventually kill all that is keeping it alive.

So Bill, stop spreading the Liberal STD’s…you’ve already shot your wad.

It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault September 25, 2009

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For the past several years I have watched, sadly, the slow, cultural demise of the United States. Future doctoral theses will undoubtedly be written about the events that precipitated this change but I’ll provide the Cliff notes.

It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault.

A culture reflects it’s current state of evolution through it’s leaders. We only get as good as we give. It can be argued that America’s Cultural Revolution that began in the mid 20th century was spurred on in a big way by the across-the-board advances in technology that added to the overall prosperity of the United States. Huge leaps in communication allowed more information to be spread faster and further than in any generation before. At first the rate of innovation was slow enough to be assimilated by a sizable majority of the population. But with each succeeding year, the rate of technological expansion grew, exponentially, until it reached a point where it was no longer something the average American could take in on the whole. More and more ‘average’ Americans had to choose what they would commit to in terms of understanding how things worked. They would be forced to rely on others as the ‘experts’ to help them deal with the complex world driven by ever expanding technology. Thus began the ‘great information rift’.

So along comes Bill Clinton.  Highly intelligent, egomaniac, horn dog.

The quintessential aluminum siding salesman. He told America just what she wanted to hear…”Don’t worry, I’m the expert, I’ll do the thinking for you”.

Well, America got taken big time—by a man so consumed with his own ego, he actually thought he could confuse us with what the real meaning of ‘is’ is.

The hug

The hug

He confused a lot of us. So many in fact chose to accept his behavior that suddenly it wasn’t detestable.  I’m not talking about the kinky sex with Monica…I’m talking about the lying about it. When the leader of a nation can boldly look his people in the eye, lie like a rug and then get a pass even though everyone knew he was lying, the seeds of social demise are sown. The damage done.  Clinton tarnished the office such that boorish behavior, rudeness and low brow manners were suddenly acceptable from our leaders.

Bush’s 8 years were certainly an improvement in the presidential decorum department. Unfortunately the elevated level of Presidential propriety exhibited by the Bush administration was destroyed by the Press during their eight-year evisceration of the man.

So nine more years have passed since Clinton was president. In those years we have raced forward technologically, faster than imaginable, and the ‘information rift’ has grown ever wider. More and more Americans are having to rely on ‘experts’ to guide them through life. Our ‘expert’ this time is Obama…

Thanks Bill, you’re still screwing us.