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Chris Matthews – Swm January 28, 2010

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So what do you see?

Chris Matthews is undoubtedly the poster child for everything I hate about the Left. His comment, “For an hour, I forgot he was black’ after Obama’s SOTU speech last night, reveals the true colors of the MSNBC host.

This seemingly offhanded comment, uttered by anyone on the Right, would be fodder for weeks of editorial screeds and howling commentary on the proof Conservatives are racists. Yet Mr. ‘Tingle up my leg’ Matthews will not even be challenged by anyone on the Left for uttering such a blatantly racist comment. This comment reveals the dirty little secret that all Libs hide…THEY are the racists in our society and have cleverly managed to flip that perception onto the Conservatives through the deft assistance of the Media.

When I told my wife about the comment, her head snapped around and her jaw dropped to the floor. Her reaction was notable for the fact she doesn’t subscribe to nearly the degree of Rightness I do. She leans slightly right of center.  We both agreed that neither of us see Obama as Black. She said she just sees a man while I said I saw the amalgamation of Stalin, Mao and Che morphed into one face sitting on those shoulders.

As hard as it will be for any Liberal to believe that we, one very moderate and one very hard core Conservative, do not see a black man or identify Obama first by his race when we look at him, it is true.

Maybe it’s because my mother pounded the maxim, ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ into my head for as long as I could remember. I truly do not see ‘Black Man’ when I see Obama. What I see is ‘Socialist Man’ who happens to be Black. The same way I see Allen West as ‘Conservative Savior’ who happens to be Black.

So it was a nice try Chris Matthews, your recent interviews with Howard Dean and Florida Rep., Alan Grayson (interview starts 3:50 into piece) almost made me believe you were in fact a professional journalist able to put aside personal political beliefs and do what a real journalist does, report the facts without bias or political slant. Now I realize those two interviews, coming right after Scott Brown’s stunning win in Massachusetts, were  smoke screens.

When I look at you Chris Matthews, I don’t see a White man, I see a ‘racist hack’ that happens to be White.

Chris Matthews – Stupid White Man

UPDATE: Fabulous 500 words on the subject from ACE

My Dream Team December 16, 2009

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Ok Republican National Committee, stop the freakin’ calls already. Oh I know, I gave to the cause in the past when I didn’t know how badly you were managing the right side of the political aisle. But now I know and I’m not giving you anymore money. Like I said in a previous post I am giving directly to the conservative candidates that I believe deserve my money. Shock of all shocks my RNC friends——-but I think I know better how to spend my hard earned dollars when it comes to supporting conservative causes.

Oh yeah, I’m a Tea Partyer…Your next big headache. Without us we’ll all have another 4 years of Hussein Jugears…so you’d better wise up and realize the tide has turned.

Michael Steele

Michael Steele

Note to Michael Steele: You need us more than we need you. Sure you have the infrastructure and the established jobs but we have the people and they’re joining us faster than ever thanks to the current administration. It won’t take much to create a formidable candidate that will screw up your plans. Sarah Palin has the chops and so does Alan West…and there’s this guy named Marco here in Florida who has Charlie Crist quaking in his RINO Gucci’s.

Sarah Palin

Allen West

Marco Rubio

Hey all my liberal friends…..look at that,

a woman, a black man and a Hispanic…not bad for the ‘party of hate’.


Second note to Steele: You’d better hire better phone solicitors. The one that called me quit without a fight and hung up.