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Fail April 2, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The recent exit of Keith Olbermann from Current TV, a cable channel you have never watched and maybe never  knew existed, can be added to the long list of liberal failures. Olbermann reached his career apogee several years ago at MSNBC but then, like all ego maniacs and doomed rockets, he began suffering engine failure. His employment at Current TV was supposed to put that channel on the map bringing with him the broadcast magic he allegedly possessed.  He never got close to achieving orbit.

Once again Olbermann’s ego and his deluded affection for progressive thought did him in. But now we are in for the real show. The most certain lawsuits to come and the public he says/she says, that most assuredly will precede them, will entertain for weeks.

My prediction is Olbermann will cement himself as the petty, petulant Narcissus that we all knew he was. Current TV will eventually go the way of Air America and Mitt Romney will become our president.

Ah, all is well in America.

Illustration by Miles Donovan