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It’s Hard To Be Humble When You Are As Great As We Are September 14, 2018

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.

Ok, a short conversation with a dear friend motivated me to this.

Donald Trump is not a very nice person. He has lived a less than angelic life. As I wrote before the election, I pondered if America was ready for his unabashed ego and take no prisoners style. With two years under his belt it is clear to see Donald Trump is the only person who could have started the unraveling of the political status quo that has hijacked my America. For the most part, I knew what I was getting when I voted for Donald Trump. I admit he has surprised me both positively and negatively, however I believe Donald Trump has my best interests at heart. I know they are not the best interests of liberals. I like that.  I am a capitalist who believes in personal responsibility. I want to be wealthy like Donald Trump. I want to live in a country where anyone can become wealthy despite their station in life. I do not want to share my wealth with undeserving, envious, lazy people. I will always help those whose circumstances are less than mine through no fault of their own.

Because of my beliefs I have many enemies: liberals, progressives, socialists, globalists.

I don’t care what those people think of me. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about America. Deep down they all want to be Americans or at least live like us.

Yes, I am blessed to have been born American. I believe being an American makes me better than the rest of the world. Being the best brings a responsibility to protect and uphold the values that make us the best. Donald Trump is doing that and that is why I support him.




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