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Words Are Useless February 7, 2018

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Yesterday Elon Musk captivated a whole lot of us space geeks with a near flawless launch and return of his Falcon Heavy rocket test flight.  Besides the awesome science involved in the launch of the most powerful rocket currently available on earth (NASA has one scheduled for launch this fall that will be bigger) Musk tweaked the experience with a simply mind blowing quirk that has to be the greatest promotional stunt in history.  Instead of using some old inert ballast for a test payload, the entrepreneur scientist/marketer loaded the payload bay with his personal cherry red Tesla Roadster. If that was not enough, he plunked a dummy named ‘Starman’ donning the SpaceX spacesuit astronauts will wear on future flights in the drivers seat. tesla

Just as the video first showed the car and Starman, Musk orchestrated David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars?’ to play under the surreal visuals unfolding before our very eyes.  Did someone really just blast off an insanely expensive rocket only to put an insanely expensive car into orbit around Mars and the Sun for the next billion years?  Yes! Screen_Shot_2018_02_06_at_5.06.57_PM.png

Musk needed to test the Falcon Heavy. It is the first in a line of ever larger rockets he plans to use to create the business of intra solar system commerce. He just did it in a way that has set him apart from the other nerds competing for a foothold in the new frontier.

I spent more than a half hour watching the video recently sent back to earth of the Roadster and Starman hurtling around the earth prior to the final engine burn that would send it through the dangerous Van Allen Belt and into an elliptical orbit around Mars and the Sun. (I am happy to report that the car and driver passed through the highly radiated belt and are safely on to it’s final orbit.)

We are living in a most amazing time.




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