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Principles March 14, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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DrewM. of Ace of Spades HQ blog just posted a piece that I would have if  I were a blogger at ace.mu.nu .

If the election were held today I would vote for Scott Walker. He seems the most principled of the two dozen Republican candidates sniffing around the nomination process. Having said that I, like DrewM., have a bit of uneasiness with Walker. DrewM.’s analogy of the expected half full glass of Pepsi being root beer is perfect. While I’d be happy drinking either, the shock of not getting exactly what I thought I was leaves me wary. That is yet to be decided and we all will have plenty of time to vet him but one thing is for sure, the Left has already pegged him as their biggest foe and the liberal attack machine has already whirred to life against him.

The last few times I have had the political discussion with my father-in-law I have made it known I will no longer hold my nose and vote for the squishy Rino just because they’re better than having a Dem for president. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s recent actions (or non-actions) controlling the legislation of the 114th Congress is the final straw for me. The 2014 mid-term elections were a conservative landslide that screamed the message “we want Obama stopped by any means”. Yet those two traitors are betraying us.

It’s time to get serious and fix the problem for good.

Ace, from his blog, has written often of identifying the most vulnerable Rinos in the next election cycle and targeting a select few for defeat. That’s right, staunch conservatives actively supporting their democratic rival. While it looks to be a mad idea, there is a method to it. Without losing the majority in the Senate or the House, key spineless Rino’s can be defeated—to be replaced in the following election by true conservatives who will do our bidding.

 The job may even become easier when these squishy Rino’s see they are the target of a coordinated campaign from the Right—soon to become unemployed. Some may have a come-to-Jesus moment, repent and swear they will stand with the true Right wing of the Party. The others can choke on the shame of being eaten by their own.

There is enough hard-core conservative money out there to build up the war chests of the ‘right’ conservatives and prepare them for victory the next time around.

What good will having a solidly conservative president serving with a congress that, while in the majority, acts like the minority?

If anything should be clear it’s the fact American politics has changed. The Progressive movement is too far entrenched to be ‘put in check’ by the cyclical pendulum swings to the Right. It must be destroyed. That can only happen when the Right completely dominates all three branches of government with a veto proof majority. This is a take no prisoners objective. If we fail you can bet your life the Left will not.

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