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I Stand With Bibi March 3, 2015

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I just watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress. Now THAT is a leader.

Netanyahu made Obama look like the petulant light weight he is and it is already hitting a nerve. Tweets from the Left and the White House immediately following the speech belittled the prime minister’s words and sought to make irrelevant his statement of facts and his plea for support from the American people.

The intelligence Israel has regarding the real negotiations between the US and Iran must be damning. For Netanyahu to take this political risk, so close to his own party’s re-election in two weeks, speaks volumes. Netanyahu must feel his back is to the wall and the negotiations are giving away the keys to Israel’s survival.

His appeal to the congress and the American people was also a warning. In the wake of recent revelations that Obama threatened to shoot down any planes launched by Israel in an attack against Iran’s nuclear buildup, Netanyahu’s statement that Israel will not fail to act, even if it has to do so alone, was a bold f*** you to Obama.

Up to this point, House Speaker John Boehner’s feckless leadership has resigned him to Pelosi and the Left. His invitation to the Prime Minister to speak to Congress however showed he at least has a spine—however arthritic.

These next few weeks and months could well be some of the most important since the end of World War II. Obama has 22 months left to destroy or set up for the destruction of the United States. It would be amazing if the strongest opposition to that ends up coming from the leader of another country.

I once again pray that God shines his providence upon America, like he did over 240 years ago. Give us a leader who can unite the cause of righteousness and destroy the evil that is currently in charge.




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