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Happy New Year December 31, 2014

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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There’s a family meme in my house—that I habitually make the ‘half empty’ choice…not true but I know I don’t do enough to dispel the image.

Looking back at this past year who could blame me if I did choose ‘half empty’.

As a Conservative, living under the Obama regime has been nauseating. Watching him dismantle everything that has made America great has tried my soul. The midterm elections were a statement and yet the mainstream Republicans are hell-bent on ignoring the will of the people. The liberal media ensured that America was fed a steady diet of leftist propaganda—even lying to fit their narrative.

Remove the world events of the past year and it’s easy to say my glass is half full. I have a beautiful wife and daughter who are both succeeding in their job and school respectively. We all have our health, all the bills are paid and we have wonderful friends. So as we say hello to 2015, I’ll try harder to dispel the half empty attitude as I know it’s really quite full.


1. Ragnar's Slavic Desendant - January 11, 2015

Fritz, be positive!!! Shemp didn’t know if the gas tank was half empty or half full, but with a little coaching, like looking at your last paragraph, you, like me know, with our hard work and good living, we are leaving the dream. Too bad more people don’t listen to us or understand what it takes, but that’s their misfortune as their glass or gas tank will be on empty very soon…………

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