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You Never Want A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste October 2, 2014

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 The Ebola infection in Texas has a lot of people very worried. Yesterday I watched the Center for Disease Control’s live press conference. I was immediately struck by the scripted, formulaic tone. The entire event was tightly orchestrated right down to the phone moderators who introduced the reporters calling in their questions. Every official and doctor who spoke was obviously speaking from a carefully prepared document— and I didn’t believe a word coming out of their mouths. I’m a very good judge of people and I know when someone is lying…these bastards were all lying. ebola

Much has been written about the consequences of a viral pandemic sweeping the earth. For years experts from the ‘doom and gloom side’ have painted a horrific picture if and when a deadly pathogen ever got loose in our oh-so-mobile society. How many today know that the 1918 flu pandemic killed between 50 to 100 million humans? In just two years, 3 to 5 percent of the world’s population died. Conservative estimates claim nearly a million Americans among the dead.

Imagine if that happened today. Our economy would shut down, there would be mass panic and rioting and the social order as we know it would collapse. Marshall Law would be declared and almost overnight our country would be reduced to its knees.

Our current government is the most evil, corrupt and duplicitous group of thugs ever. They will say and do anything to further their agenda. Lying to the country is part of their plan.

If the Texas man who is currently stricken survives, the message will be sent to all the infected that if you want to live you must get to the US. What was once an isolated infection will now be making a beeline for our shores.

President Obama has said he will not order a halt to air flights from the infected area, unlike Britain and France. President Obama wants this horror here. His agenda needs a crisis and an Ebola outbreak in America would be the mother of all crises.




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