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You Can’t Spell Triumph Without Trump January 13, 2014

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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trumpSpeculating on who will be the president in 2016 is like playing Angry Birds at work…fun time-wasting.  However, it’s never too early to try to get out in front with a crazy prediction so you can thump your chest 2 years from now and say just how damn smart you were. This article touches on something I had once just poo-pooed; a President Trump.

During the 2012 election run-up, Trump was always the gadfly interjecting his position on whatever was being debated. I, like many other serious conservatives, just rolled my eyes hoping he wasn’t serious about mucking everything up and joining an already absurdly large Republican candidacy slate. (In hindsight, sans Romney in the race, Trump would have been the best bet)

But since the election of Socialist Obama, I have begun to think we may need an ego-maniacal  capitalist to right the ship and begin purging the progressive poison from the current body politic.

The country needs to be run like a business. If capitalism is to survive then the forces fighting it must be defeated. Who better to do that than the man who has no compunction at all in telling you he’s the greatest. Trump needs to feed his ego. He’s built (successfully and unsuccessfully) monuments to himself all around the world. His triumphs have certainly outnumbered his failures and regardless of what you think of his coif, he’s one powerful man.

On the plus side: He hates China because they cheat and are taking advantage of American business/He loves China because, when playing on an even field, they are the next market he can  take advantage of. As president he’ll lay down the law with the commies…yes they own a ton of our debt…but Trump knows they eventually want to see that investment payoff and will use it to his/our advantage.

Trump is a free market guy. Free markets keep capitalism alive. Trump is a capitalist. Being president makes him CEO of almost the world…not a bad gig if you can get it. So I think being President of the United States of America would fit nicely into Mr.Trump’s list of triumphs.



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