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Happy New Year December 31, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.

Realizing at the eleventh hour I hadn’t  yet kept my unbroken string of at least one post per month alive…here it is.


So we ring out 2013 and all the socialistic disaster that Obama has wrought.

This nightmare must end. However, unless we on the conservative side can find a charismatic visionary who can wrest the evils of progressivism from the greedy maw of the uneducated voters, we are doomed.

I’ll be praying hard for a miracle in 2014. I ask that you do too. The thought of becoming a full-blown socialist nation is too horrible to contemplate. Not only do we need to arrest the lurch left, we need to destroy the ability for progressive thought to exist. We need a leader who will mount his stead, raise up his broad sword and lead us fearlessly into battle.

Unabashed capitalism guided by a libertarian value system is the solution. Survival of the fittest, natures law and a return to the values that created the greatest country on earth. Blood may be spilled.

Happy New Year.




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