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Shut Up Bob October 14, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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“I’m not a morally superior Progressive but I play one on TV”

Bob Costas is an ass.

On Sunday night during halftime of the Cowboy-Redskins football game, this lefty tool used his bully pulpit to scold America for her racist ways. Costas railed against the use of the Redskin nickname and wailed on and on how evil we White folk are.

The Left won’t let this contrived issue go. A tiny and I do mean tiny minority of people, who by the way are mostly all White Liberals, are keeping alive an issue that 90% of American Indians do not see as an affront.

The real issue here is once again White guilt. Costas is infected with every Liberal’s favorite malady. It all goes back to slavery and the perception that the evil White ruling class is still subjugating people of color and therefore must be punished.

That’s all the Liberals have left; keeping alive an issue that ended over 150 years ago. Slavery was and is abhorrent but America wasn’t the only place it happened. Over the course of humankind almost every race has participated in its evil. While that doesn’t absolve America from the sin it does show that we evolved to recognize our wrong. We fought a bitter war amongst ourselves to stop it and our greatest President was assassinated for that triumph.

Get over it Bob.



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