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Just A ‘Glitch’ October 14, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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RiotsOver the weekend the government’s EBT entitlement program shutdown briefly. But it was long enough to expose us to a bit of ugly reality. Due to a computer ‘glitch’ the cards stopped showing balances. Shoppers in several Wal-Mart stores, realizing their fortune, hit the shelves harder than Lindsey Lohan on a line of coke. Wal-Mart made the big mistake of letting the frenzy continue by accepting  purchases without knowing if the card holders had any balance left on their cards. After a few hours, the party came to an abrupt end when the glitch got fixed and the cards suddenly lost their magical powers. Shoppers, discovering the party over, simply walked away from their mounded carts leaving  the retail mega stores in a carnage of empty shelves and a massive restocking problem.

So, besides the headache for a few Wal-Mart stores in Louisiana, what does this event portend for the rest of America? For starters it shows the frailness of a society dependent on electronic commerce. What if the cards had erroneously showed zero balance on everyone’s account? Can you imagine the uproar and chaos as the lowest class in America are denied their free-bee? I pray I’m not in a Wal-Mart if that ever happens.

Our dependence on everything electronic is going to get us in big trouble one day. We see it every time a hurricane or other mega natural disaster occurs. No power or cell service and our lives revert to the 19th century in a hurry. Only now, modern man in the most advanced country on earth, doesn’t have the skills to survive for long in that century.

A recent headline on Drudge touted the surging business of survivalist planning. As a resident of Florida who’s experienced nearly a half dozen hurricanes I completely agree with the need to be prepared. Whether it’s mother nature or a breakdown of the societal norms, humans will get very ugly very fast when their world gets turned upside down.

I’m glad I was a Boy Scout as a kid.



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