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Fashion Faux Pas January 24, 2013

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Wynand Mullins

A Kiwi, returning home from Australia boarded his flight while wearing a t-shirt with a quote from the cult favorite movie The Princess Bride. The quote disturbed enough people that a flight attendant asked him to change his shirt.  Not having a change of clothes, the flight attendant eventually let him be. People will say “Oh it’s a sign of the times,” or “you can’t be too careful nowadays.” I say grow a pair and get real.

Any normal person would see the shirt and its comical representation. Even if you didn’t know the quote from the movie (which I did not) it would be a tremendous stretch to find the shirt threatening. Yes the man was on an airplane and the scariest thought imaginable is to die in a plane crash—but come on.

So the words “die today” scribbled on a goofy t-shirt as part of a quote from a world-wide movie blockbuster is enough to move some people to abridge a man’s right to wear what he wants. Taken in its entirety, as all situations should, it is clear the entire event was an overreaction.

Now, if that shirt was being worn by a Middle Eastern man in his mid 20’s, sweating and looking a bit agitated I might be a bit more concerned. Does that last sentence make me a racist? No, it makes me smart. I thank God every day  I am not a Liberal.



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