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Time To Foreclose On The 4th Estate September 15, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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 I wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t believed my journalism 101 professor when he told me maybe I should think about a different major as, in his opinion, I had no talent for writing.  My career surely would have been a rocky one until I finally found a conservative media home. Chances are I would have been fired long before that for bitch slapping some weaselly liberal editor who didn’t like the slant of my article.

The state of American journalism is dire and it will be the reason America falls. If Obama wins the election in November, the media will be the reason. They will have controlled the thoughts and created the narrative that made it so. With that victory will come an unmistakable understanding that the real power in America lays with them. Liberal politicians will publicly crow that they won because their ideas are what America wants, but privately they will cower to the all-knowing, all-seeing gatekeepers who can make or break them with every story printed or broadcast. The American press has gone hard left and they know the pen is far mightier than the sword. It has been a slow creep for them. Not wanting to rush the process, the swing to the left has been evolving for over 50 years. We lost Vietnam because of the press. Journalists saw the power they could wield and they wanted more. Walter Cronkite started it. He was followed by Dan Rather. A man whose burning hatred of George Bush caused him to not only slant the news but break the journalist’s code and lie about it.

The press is not happy with just manipulating the news; now they are just making it up. Witness the way they covered Mitt Romney’s  rebuke of Obama’s handling of the recent Islamic attacks on America. Quoted from Politico; “For more than a generation, stretching back to the age of Vietnam and the Cold War, the GOP has been the electorate’s default choice on national security. Not so this year, when the party and its presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, have struggled to confront both internal divisions and a landscape of global challenges that defy straightforward, doctrinal definition.”  Huh?

The article goes on to state that Republicans have suddenly lost the ability to deal with any foreign affairs issue. They claim the Democrats now own that high ground because…hold on, wait for it…Obama is now the president.

No facts to support that assertion, just that statement reflecting their reverence to a man they have anointed as The Chosen One.

Politico is framing the narrative that Romney cannot possibly have the ability to make any credible foreign policy decisions and therefore loses to the president in that arena. They do not put forth any examples to back it up, they just state it as fact.

This is the only area where the media sees Obama possibly having a chance against Romney. They understand if they can get the American people to think Romney is deficient with any foreign policy experience that automatically vaults their man to the lead.

Every day we see more and more blatant examples of media manipulation. All during the Republican convention in Tampa the major broadcast networks limited their live coverage. When they reported on the event they conveniently omitted anything that hurt their narrative…like when conservative minorities spoke. And when forced to cover Eastwood’s speech they framed it as the rants of a doddering old man.

News is the news until some gatekeeper somewhere decides it isn’t. Even when that news must be reported it can be slanted and framed into a narrative that fits the political agenda of the reporter; only now it’s called propaganda. It’s time to start bitch slapping.

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