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The Third Rail May 9, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I have espoused this theory before and this is further proof that I am right. A majority of blacks and a sizable number of whites believe we owe the Black community for the slavery that happened over 200 years ago. This ‘debt’ ranges from outright financial reparations owed to every black person to ‘looking the other way’ when blacks commit crimes against white people. The liberal media in this country is to blame; fueled by some liberal guilt over something they personally had no hand in and certainly do not condone today. So why?  I can only presume it’s their rationale that if they blame White America for the past abhorrence of slavery, they themselves cannot be labeled as racist and thus get to label anyone who doesn’t agree with them as one, further elevating their elitist self-view.

Slavery was/is wrong. In America it happened over 200 years ago. Here’s a little fact you don’t read in history books; more whites were enslaved by their own race than blacks ever were. According to studies done by anti-slavery groups, there are currently more slaves today than at any time in history! Three quarters are female and over half are children. It is believed that there are around 27 million people in slavery right now.

Holding onto the notion that some form of reparation is due is central to liberal thinking. Without a victim, liberals have no reason to exist. They must continually seek to label one minority or another as oppressed by the white establishment in order to champion their self-perceived righteous cause. The irony is they are in fact enslaving the very people they seek to save.

Of course our current President is the guiltiest of all. Mr. President, you won your presidency by playing the race card; a shameful, desperate action. I urge you  to heed the words of the man you claim to revere, Martin Luther King. Set your people free Mr. President. The victim-hood you seek to correct is the self-created slavery you and all liberals keep people in. You are the racists.

Shame on you Mr. President.


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