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Take No Prisoners May 9, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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You know you’ve really got a Liberal’s attention when they start crowing about what a sincere loss it is when a Republican Senator gets defeated. Richard Lugar (R) IN, just lost a primary and the seat he’s held for the last 36 years…yeah, 36 years. Now, I’m a conservative and having an ‘R’ locked into the Senate for that long would usually be a good thing. The problem was Lugar was a RINO and judging by the remorse and lament from the left he was a good one. Condolences from the likes of John Kerry, Mother Jones magazine and Obama himself reveal the pain his defeat has and will cause the Left.

(Just added) The Left’s attempt at justifying bi-partisanship and compromise.

The more we hear about the need for bi-partisanship the more I know we’ve got the left on the ropes. They only start wailing  bi-partisanship when they realize they are about to get out voted and lose.

So the ground work is set. We conservatives need to keep up the pressure, sweep the House, Senate and Executive and then step down hard on the liberal neck and never let up. Compromise my ass. The only way to win the war—and make no mistake, we are in the war of our lives, is to crush the enemy.

Just messin’ around…like buds do.



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