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The Media Lies May 8, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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So the lies and distortion are in full swing. The liberal press is out to say and do anything to keep their guy in office. A ‘Breaking News’ tweet has the editor of the Hartford Courant tweeting;   Obama’s lead over rival Mitt Romney grows due to increased support from independent voters – @Reuters / Ipsos poll

But just this morning I read a story about the latest Rassmussen poll that puts Romney up by 5 points and Dick Morris, that political gadfly, was on Fox’s Hannity last night swearing up and down the polls are all skewed and Romney is leading with likely voters, Independents and of course Republicans.

I tend to believe Rassmussen and Morris, not because they are conservative but because Reuters is a totally biased news organization that supplies  stories all over the world with their agenda pasted to every story.

Once we defeat Obama, we’re going after the liberal media…they’re going down.



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