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The Urge To Purge April 4, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The hypocrisy on the Left is so nauseating you’d think there would be more bulimics in the world.

There most certainly has to be a special place in Hell for limousine liberals who make their living bashing wealthy conservatives. These elitist snobs scream about the inequity between the haves and the have nots while secretly digging their fingers through their piles of gold like Scrooge McDuck. Keith, I’m God’s gift to journalism, Olbermann and Rosie, I can’t keep a job, O’Donnell are just two of the recent leftist- loon millionaires who’s disdain for the little guy is only surpassed by their professed love of the little guy.

It seems some e-mails were leaked about Olbermann that highlight his pomposity for those that serve him. O’Donnell’s legendary ranting is well documented. She is said to have blamed everyone but herself for the demise of her recently canceled show on Oprah’s OWN network. O’Donnell has her Star Island, FL crib up for sale—asking price $19mil. (I’ve been on the island. You have to take a ferry and the only way to get on the ferry is to have your name on the manifest. Yep, some very rich folks live there.)

I have no problem with the wealthy, they employ people and keep the cash flowing through the system. Rush Limbaugh makes no apologies for his wealth. He is not ashamed of it and understands, that in our capitalistic system, wealth is the goal we all should be pursuing. The problem I have is with the liberal millionaires who bash people like Rush while they wallow in their own riches and somehow justify it by thinking that since they are progressive, it’s OK.

Excuse me, I’m feeling the need to purge.




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