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Racism March 27, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I admit to being envious when I read another author’s words that just seem so good; well thought out and strung together, they are a joy to read. I know I’m a hack at best when it comes to using the word as a means to make a point. I’m lazy. Just as I see the world, I tend to write in black and white. Yes the world’s tapestry is much more interesting when painted in the varied hues of diverse opinion but I don’t think we have that luxury right now.

This whole Trayvon Martin thing could very well be an Archduke Ferdinand moment. I say this because the Left and especially the Black Left are itching for a fight. The despicable racists, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have leapt to the cause. This tragedy is just what they need to reinvigorate their useless careers as racial dividers and haters.  The New Black Panther movement, Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and all the followers of Black Liberation Theology are going to be the cause of some very bad things. They are not looking to join the diverse tapestry of humankind. They want to separate themselves and punish those they perceive guilty of creating their circumstances. It’s all about reparations for slavery and racism. Now I’m not naive enough to say there isn’t racism in the world. Of course there is. But it is nowhere near as prevalent or pervasive as Sharpton and Jackson and all the rest would make it out to be. These racists make their living selling racism. Without it, they’d have nothing to do and have to get a real job. Of course the media in America today is so biased and in the tank for the Left, Sharpton’s and Jackson’s job are made that much easier. CNN, the New York Times and all the rest of the liberal media are convicting the shooter before he has even been charged. They want so bad for this to be justification for their narrative they are willing to suspend even the modicum of journalistic ethics.

And then there is Obama. He is working diligently to create a society that will punish the successful (white) people and redistribute (reparations) the wealth to the downtrodden (black) people. He above all is the biggest perpetrator of racism in America.  I just hope America sees this before November because it’s as clear as black and white to me.



1. Michael - April 11, 2012

Reperations? He is asking for a fair tax system. Certain Corporations actually make more in their tax returns than they spend in taxes. This is entirely absurd. In the 1950s an individual middle income American could pay a 5% income tax if done correctly, how could that ever be the case now? I just don’t understand why the Right doesn’t want to act in its own economic self-interest. At this point services like Medicare, educational initiatives, medical initiatives and Social security add up to be about 30 percent of our revenue and Military spending about 25. Obama wishes to add revenue to the former, along with some other smaller federal services in development and technology while cutting military spending. This will help individuals while not really effecting our apparent position as the worlds greatest military power.

The republicans would prefer to cut Non-defense spending and double defense spending, while reducing taxes on corporations. Where will the country get revenue? How will we actually cut the deficit when we raise our actual spending? There isn’t just this black mass of useless people trying to steal the money of good white people (this is a patently simple and devisive notion), it is rather a complex “tapestry” of poor and lower middle class people with varying degrees of employment–I often wonder why the Right do not acknowledge that white’s often have higher physical access to quality jobs than blacks and mexicans–that includes whites whom are paying a percentage of taxes quite unequal to corporations who can afford to produce this revenue. Now innevitably everyone will need to pay more taxes, from top to bottom, but obviously since corporations represent a majority of tax revenue, even with their relatively low tax percentage (compared to the rest of the entire world), they can fix our economic situation. They consume human, economic, material and spatial resources; there is nothing unjust about asking them to return their use of labor hours, space and other objects to the large majority of people who give them value by consuming their functions and operating their existence.

2. Michael - April 11, 2012

And to add a second point about the Martin fiasco, you don’t really acknowledge the issue that blacks have in general with the state of affiars. It isn’t that they want some race war with whites (what a perverse fantasy), but rather that they know, were the tables to have been turned, this case would not have gone the same way. Blacks are so consistently mistreated at the hands of police that it is outrageous; think of the innumberable recent brutality charges around tazer use, that little girl who was shot in her home by police who entered the wrong house in Detroit recently (similar events have occured recently in Chicago and LA) among any number of day to day events.

I personally don’t believe that calling for Zimmerman’s blood is right. Obviously just because blacks are often denied justice, does not mean that Zimmerman should have to go through the same situation that they do. However, the Martin’s deserve a fair and transparent process, rather than the obviously roughshod manner that the case was treated prior to their ramping up visibility of their situation.

It is truly paranoid to read the media as a left entity. Aside from fox news and msnbc, the media is less politically biased and more interested in sensationalism. Be it a racial topic, a sexual topic or a violent one the media wish to generate an image that has two distinctly opposed sides so that we fight each other over events that are clearly more nuanced and detailed than they would like to paint them. Referring to major media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, Forbes, The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune or the LA Times liberal is an enormous stretch. We rather have a varied landscape that is looking for viewers at all cost.

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