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Scary Stuff March 21, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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UPDATE:              Saw this article yesterday after I wrote my ‘Hawk’ post.  It lends itself to my theory that Israel will bet the Iranian people will rise up after a devastating conventional attack on their country’s nuclear sites (and air defenses) and see that they have a chance to stop the theocracy that is keeping them in the Middle Ages. The smart Iranians will understand that by overthrowing the Mullahs, they save themselves from a retaliatory nuclear strike by the Israelis.

Should Iran ever get and use a nuke on Israel, the game will have changed from two sides just trading vitriol via spokesperson to an all-out race to annihilate the other side.

Here’s a scenario. Iran pops a nuke somewhere in Israel. It causes devastating destruction but, like the stick poked in the bee hive, doesn’t kill all the bees—it just releases a torrent of vengeful stings. Since Israel probably has enough nukes to evaporate Iran, they do. Now the rest of the Islamic world is out for blood but the only Islamic country with nukes is Pakistan. Since Pakistan is not really the West’s ally (they hid Bin Laden for God’s sake), they decide to slip one or more of their nukes to a terrorist group willing to pull off the ultimate suicide bombing. Chances are the group can’t get the nuke into the US so they pick the best US target outside our country like a major military installation. You can see how this will get very bad very quickly.

Unless we have some very good spies in the right places we won’t be able to stop Pakistan from passing off one of their nukes. Our only recourse might be a preemptive strike on them. Yep, it’s getting uglier.

So this is why Iran can never have a nuke. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost and I’m pretty sure Netanyahu knows this.


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