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The Emperor Has No Clothes March 16, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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We are about to see the greatest example of obfuscation, false controversy and red herrings ever to be foisted upon the American people. Obama has a dismal record to run on and everyone knows it. The Republican nominee, most likely Romney, will be hammering home the failures of our socialist president as he works to take back the White House. To fight back, Obama and his evil band of leftists will create an alternate universe where facts no longer matter and the truth is just what they say it is. They have the media in their pocket so now it’s just a matter of what they come up with.

Sandra Fluke was just the beginning. This loser leftist sought her 15 minutes of fame, buoyed by the PR firm that is now run by former Obama Communications Director Anita Dunn by creating the false argument over women’s health care and contraception. Unfortunately, the Right, led by Rush Limbaugh, took the bait and fell into the Left’s trap (mark my word, that will not happen again).

Today we get to see the 17 minutes of vomit inducing propaganda from Obama’s own Leni Riefenstahl, Davis Guggenheim. This is the same guy who produced Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. “The film, ‘The Road We’ve Traveled,’ narrated by Tom Hanks, is a rallying cry for the president’s re-election campaign. It highlights five “tough decisions” the president made during his first term: the economic stimulus, the auto bailout, health care reform, Iraq troop withdrawal and Osama bin Laden’s killing.”

The battle is just beginning. I pray the Right has the guts to play as dirty as the Left is going to play. We simply cannot have Obama as our president for the next four years.


Wikipedia: In computer programming, ?: is a ternary operator that is part of the syntax for a basic conditional expression in several programming languages.


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