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Why We Are So Boned January 18, 2012

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This is lifted from Monty’s DOOM post today at AofS HQ

It’s sums it all up perfectly.

The biggest difference between the wealthy and the poor in this country is not (purely) economic — it lies in the adherence to what Bryan Caplan calls “the founding virtues”. Much of America’s “poor” have pretty much given up on those institutions and habits that lead to personal fulfillment as well as wealth creation: marriage, religious faith, entrepreneurship, and a strong work ethic. The reason for this collapse in social and cultural ability can be laid directly at the door of the modern welfare state and the ascendance of post-modernist schools of thought like feminism and Frankfurt School cultural Marxism.

[A] growing proportion of the people who run the institutions of our country have never known any other culture. They are the children of upper-middle-class parents, have always lived in upper-middle-class neighborhoods and gone to upper-middle-class schools. Many have never worked at a job that caused a body part to hurt at the end of the day, never had a conversation with an evangelical Christian, never seen a factory floor, never had a friend who didn’t have a college degree, never hunted or fished. They are likely to know that Garrison Keillor’s monologue on Prairie Home Companion is the source of the phrase “all of the children are above average,” but they have never walked on a prairie and never known someone well whose IQ actually was below average.

The Democrat project over the past 100 years or so has been to replace the traditional family with “benevolent” and “enlightened” government, especially for the “poor”. But the government does not love you; the government can’t love you. It will never care for you in the way your kin and friends care for you. At best, the government is an absent-minded leviathan that may unthinkingly crush you as it moves about; at worst, it is a voracious beast that may turn on you and devour you when its regular food is exhausted. The so-called ‘safety net’ of the welfare state is an illusion, and a dangerous one at that.

The American federal government, ever since the so-called “New Deal” of the 1930’s, has worked to remove the ties of familial love and responsibility, and replace them with dependence and servitude to the State. The social contract, that bedrock of civilization, has been — perhaps — fatally weakened. And not just in America, but the entire “enlightened” western world.



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