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Rut Ro! January 18, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.

Drudge has the screamin’ siren going  about an interview Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife had with ABC News. This is going to be old news in ten minutes but I’m putting this out there because I think this is why I want Romney to be our president. Newt has some very damaging baggage, or at least it is eluded to…we will know in the coming days or hours.

Romney has been married for 40+ years and exudes family values. He’s been faithful to his wife (as far as we know) and a good provider to his family.

Gingrich has shown he has a petty, peevish side and now he may have some bombshell revelation that will doom his run for the presidency.  Too much baggage Newt; it’s the queasy feeling I’ve had for you all along.

I listened to two Conservatives debate on Hannity’s radio show today. One for Newt, one for Romney.  The guy for Romney picked up on what I’ve felt along. Yeah. He’s a great debater but there is too much negativity surrounding him for him to think winning the three debates scheduled between the Republican nominee and Obama will cinch the deal.

Romney will get the Independent vote and if all of us conservatives do what we should do and vote for our candidate, whether we hold our nose or not, Romney will win.

Can’t wait to see the story…I’ll be on a plane for Ireland in the morning so ya’ll can just do it one your own.



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