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Wake Up January 12, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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There comes a time when an individual needs to take responsibility for themselves.

My 18 year-old will be off to college this fall. For the past I-can’t-remember years I have had to awaken her for school and get her out the door. She owns an alarm clock but has gotten used to dad’s regular AM knock on the door. Well, that’s now changed. If she doesn’t set the alarm she’s going to be late. It’s not a cold turkey thing here. I’ve been yapping for months that she needs to take responsibility and get her butt out of bed herself. Nobody’s going to do it for her in college.

There are a lot of others in this country who have gotten used to someone else doing what they should be doing for themselves. We’ve created an entitlement mentality that is killing the country. This fall America has the chance to elect a new President who I hope will stop the entitlement madness and return us to a Nation of doers not takers. It’s time to set your alarm clocks America and get your own butts out of bed.



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