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Cry Me A River January 11, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I’ve always been fascinated with nature and the truly amazing intricacies God has created. Take the onion for instance—awesomely designed with delicate layers that when peeled reveal another perfect layer in a seemingly endless source of wonder. So as the Republican primary race begins to unfold and reveal it’s intricate layers lying below the surface, we begin to see what’s truly hiding under those many layers of conservative’s skin.

Mitt Romney has the extreme right in the party in a lather. They cannot fathom a Romney nomination. But it is two different factions within that far right that are all hot and bothered.  One are the Evangelicals who, save Jesus himself, wouldn’t be conservative enough to carry their torch. The other are the Tea Party conservatives who’s smaller government/less taxes mantra is at risk with Romney’s past squishiness with big government mandates.

Each group is reported to be huddling in the attempt to derail Romney’s march toward the nomination. And this is exactly what the liberals want.

Me at the WPB 2009 Tea Party protest

Well here’s my two cents. STFU you two and stand behind the man who will defeat Obama!  And that’s coming from a Tea Party loyalist who stood in protest to the big government  take over that our Socialist president started in ’08.

The reality is America is not ready to elect a bible thumping candidate who makes abortion their primary campaign plank. Nor will America elect a Tea Party loyalist who is perceived to cling to his gun and bible and the Constitution. No, it will be a candidate who is perceived to be more moderate, whether that’s fact or not. Look, Obama hoodwinked a majority of voters who were either too gullible or too stupid to see what he was really about. I say Go Mitt go!  Last night after his win in New Hampshire, Romney delivered the most conservative friendly speech I have heard to date. It was excellently written and delivered. Is he exactly what I want in a conservative candidate for president? No, but he’s real close.

So I say to those who feel the need to bash Romney and kavetch that he’s not a true conservative, as you peel that onion looking for your layer, do it under running water; it’s guaranteed to stop the crying.



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