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It Sucks To Be Ugly January 7, 2012

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Sometimes the comments about a news article shed more truth than the article itself.

Pam Biondi

Take this from the Palm Beach Post. Florida Attorney General Pam Biondi’s office was cleared of wrong doing after an investigation into possible politically motivated staff firings. The article was adequately written with no glaring bias; it reported the facts.

The four comments (so far) were far more reflective of our fractured political environment. The first sided boldly with the republicans, the second with democrats and  the other two must have been independents; obviously eschewing politics in favor of good ‘ol animal urges. A nice photo of Biondi accompanied the article. As anyone can plainly see, she’s hot. So we can deduce from the comments on this article that if you’re hot you stand a much better chance of swaying public opinion.

On a side note: My wife thinks Mitt Romney is hot and is voting for him based in large part on that and the fact he is not a socialist. Moral of the story is; it’s good to be good-looking.

Mitt Romney