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Voter ID December 29, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Again, it is time that the adults take control. And when I say adults I mean people who have a shred of common sense. Just a touch, enough to engage in rational thought without flying off into some whacked out world controlled by a politically motivated ideology.

I speak of the requirement to show proof positive identification before voting.

Attorney General Eric Holder, has his Justice department fighting South Carolina’s attempt to require voters to provide photo ID before they vote. In a Holder world no one need prove who they are before casting a vote. Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong with an honor system at the polls. No one would think twice of voting twice or voting as someone who might have voting rights when they don’t. Of course most of the folks who don’t have a photo ID are poor citizens who historically have voted for democrats. The Left’s argument has always been that if poor people somehow have to have an ID it would keep them from voting. Huh? What’s the rationale for that? So I guess these same people don’t participate in any of the following that require a photo ID:

Get a driver’s license
Apply for a job
Get a Social Security card
Buy alcohol
Buy cigarettes
Apply for welfare
Apply for food stamps
Cash a check
Purchase a firearm
Make any large credit card purchase
Open a bank account
Rent an apartment
Be admitted to a hospital
Get a marriage license
Adopt a pet
Fly on an airplane
Have something notarized
The list just goes on and on….

So these ID-less people don’t even get welfare or food stamps? But they want to vote? Who are these people?

We make it a requirement for so many other less important things, proving who you are to vote should be a no-brainer. I go one step further and say we need a National ID card, issued to all naturally born citizens at 18. It could be issued by the residing State with a driver’s license on one side and the National ID on the other. Along with a photo, it should contain biometric proof that couldn’t be hacked or changed. As an American citizen I would be proud to have and show proof that I was a citizen in the greatest country on earth.

We need to take back three branches of government and return this country to sanity.



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