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SCOAMF November 30, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The problem conservatives have with truly understanding what Obama is all about is our failure to look outside the box. We use the normal, logical paradigms we’ve been assigned when we try to understand him. That’s our mistake.

New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie asked yesterday “What the hell are we paying this guy for?” By asking that question, Christie assumes Obama is just an incompetent President; his actions just part of a failed policy. I reject that theory. Obama is overtly trying to overthrow the Republic. By destroying the capitalist system, he intends to remove America from being the leader of the world’s countries. This idea seems so preposterous yet every single action Obama has taken since becoming president has moved this country closer to that goal.* The unthinkable happened when this man was elected.

It’s like we have Castro, Chavez, Putin and Kim Jong-Il  not only infiltrating our government, but sitting at the head table, destroying our country from within.

Obama is the enemy; as evil as every socialist/communist leader. We need to stop looking at him like we have all other presidents. This man is pure evil. He must be stopped.

* I’ll credit him with taking out Bin Laden, however I would argue he saw it as a way to shore up his anemic support for killing Muslim terrorists.



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