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Be Very Afraid November 17, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I’ve been trying to read the financial tea leaves for more than 5 years now. That’s when the housing bubble burst for us here in Florida. It was a wake-up call that if you have any money invested in anything, you had better keep a very close eye on it.

Because I am neither an expert investor nor skilled in much of anything financial, I have had to rely on reading what others are saying. My rule of thumb is draw a consensus, divide it in half and read some more. I will say that I have been bearish throughout the entire past 5-years. I started buying gold back when it was in the mid $800’s. That makes me look like a genius.  However, I also moved all my 401k’s to cash. That has caused me to miss a large equity run-up over the past two years.  My broker at Merrill Lynch keeps trying to get me to at least get more than the one half of one percent my money market is earning. He is now touting corporate bonds. What I fear is inflation. It has to occur eventually because we have printed too much money over the past two quantitative easing’s; trillions of new dollars are in the system and the dollar’s value has suffered. Inflation is always the next step. Inflation destroys bond yields.

I still think the shoe has yet to really drop. The world is awash in debt. Some say to the tune of $600 trillion. I’m no expert but I cannot imagine any action short of a complete reset that would correct this. All the stock markets in all the countries of the world are only valued at around $60 trillion or just 10% of the world’s debt. If all these numbers are in fact true, there simply is no way we can get out of this mess without completely blowing up the financial world and starting over.

As I see it, every country’s  actions to this crisis to date is simply stop-gap window dressing. The big boys know what the end game is and they are just buying time before the jig is up.

People scoff at the doom and gloomers; ridiculing those who advocate the stock piling of food, guns and ammo.  Well, I’m officially a member of that tin foil hat club now.

The Mayans foretell of the end times on 12/21/2012… I ‘m not going to bother  making my bed on the 20th.




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