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It’s Gonna Happen November 2, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Iran has publicly stated that the reason for their nuclear program is to provide power for its country. They have repeated ad nauseum that they have no intention of using anything that may come out of that program for the creation of nuclear weapons. Iran has also repeatedly said their sole goal is to destroy Israel and then the United States.

Back in ’07, while Bush was still the president, Iran started to really ramp up it’s enrichment of nuclear fuel, reportedly for use in nuclear power reactors. The problem was the enrichment purity was far exceeding the level needed for reactor fuel. It was being enriched to levels  needed to make bombs. I thought for sure we or Israel would take out the enrichment plants after Obama won in November of ’08 and before Bush left office. In hindsight, the US and or Israel was surely developing the Stuxnet worm virus that infected the computers running the centrifuges Iran was using for enrichment. I can see where our government would forestall any military attack while this virus plan was being developed. (As luck would have it the worm worked and has added years to Iran’s enrichment timetable, or so we thought)

Now comes recent headlines that Israel is moving towards some sort of attack. This has got to be based on intelligence that the nutbag Muslims are really, really close to having a bomb. Our socialist president has publicly denounced any unilateral attack by Israel. Based on how he has treated Israel since he became president, I’ll bet he has even gone so far as to let them know we won’t assist in any way, and won’t come to their rescue after an attack. Another indication that Israel has probably told the US they will act alone if need be is the US’s scrambling to ratchet up sanctions against Iran. Based on an upcoming report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) I’ll bet the US is plenty nervous the news will give Israel justification for an attack. Reports of pressure from the State department to the UN indicate a real sense of urgency.

I would hope Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu realizes Israel is now solely responsible for its own security and must do whatever it sees fit for the survival of her people. If that means turning Iran into glass I am all for it! I hope it causes the rest of the Muslims in the world to get on their high horse so we can turn their respective countries into glass. Muslims are not capable of living in the 21st century with the rest of the world. Sorry boys, time to go.



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