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Time To Lock And Load October 10, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.

The ongoing Occupy ‘movement’ (nice metaphor) spreading across the US boils down to the “haves vs. the have nots”. Not since the Sixties  has America seen civil (and at times uncivil) protest on such an organized and widespread level. In watching the videos coming from ground zero in lower Manhattan (not to be confused with the real ground zero) The vast majority of  protesters have proven themselves to be the disaffected from about every way you can be disaffected. Their one commonality is they want someone else to give them something; be it money, a job, power, a voice.  Their entire gripe is that society is unfair to them and they want retribution. As a tax paying conservative who believes is accountability and the reliance on self, these protesters are nothing more than parasitic bums. Unfortunately, the last 50 years of liberalism has created this entitlement environment and we now have a near majority of bums in the US.

In days of old these societal miscreants would have been run out of town by every Sheriff Taylor in all the Mayberry’s across America. Now there’s no place to run them out to. There are simply too many.

As a college freshman I wrote a paper for a sociology class. We were asked to describe the future of America 25 years from now; 2001 seemed an eternity away.  I recall I wrote I saw America as divided as ever. I saw the have’s living behind gated walls expending more and more of their energies protecting all that they had earned from those who would seek to take it. I defined a class war that, thinking back, I blamed on ‘diversity’ without really knowing what that was.

I think I got a ‘B’ on the paper, mostly for spelling and grammar mistakes. But I‘ll never forget my professor’s note in red pen across the top, “I agree with your premise however, unbridled capitalism creates the inequality. Those walls will only protect for so long”. I’ll bet that professor is protesting along side the losers.

Now 35 years later I live in a gated community. Surrounded more and more by the have nots.

I fear this will not end well.



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