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Don’t Tread On Me October 6, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Screw you Harry Reid. Screw you Democrats. Screw you Liberals. You are going to lose this class warfare war. Worse, the people you say you’re trying to help will lose  the most. The wealthiest among us are that way because by an overwhelming majority, produce wealth that is commensurate with what they earn. Even members of the idle rich, lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family, deserve to pay the same percentage of their income as the poorest do. Who by the way pay no income taxes.

If I was a millionaire forced to pay more than my fair share then I should damn sure have more rights than those who don’t. I’d think twice about tithing. My charitable giving would certainly go down and the folks who benefit most from the rich’s wealth would have an even tougher time of it.

Socialism does not work. You do not have the right to take from me and give to someone else. Our founding fathers fought and died over this. I’m ready to do the same.



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