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NPR – National Propoganda Radio September 10, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.

I have posted about media bias here and here. Anyone who is honest knows that the mainstream media is so obviously biased to the left. If you are a liberal you relish having a home team in nearly every newspaper and broadcast outlet across the country. Conservatives have dealt with it and win on the radio airwaves and with the highest rated cable news outlet, Fox. But this example surely must prove that State sponsored propaganda can and must not be allowed to exist in a free society. NPR must be defunded of every single penny of taxpayer support NOW! If they want to carry the president’s water they need to be supported by advertisers who have to be responsible for supporting left wing bias.

Advertiser supported media can be controlled by the number of viewers, readers and listeners they have. It will take a relentless, concerted effort but we can defeat the liberal media via the wallet. Think twice about buying or supporting advertisers who regularly advertise on the liberal media. Advertisers are not stupid, they will figure it out and eventually stop spending advertising dollars that hurt rather than help.



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