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Paul Ryan For President? June 3, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I think Paul Ryan would make a splendid President. I know he’s said he isn’t running but I think the pressure from the true conservative side of the party will push hard for him to reconsider. A few things will have to happen. #1. He can’t truly have already ruled it out. (he’s too smart for that, if the tea leaves show he’d have a real shot at beating Obama, he’d run) #2. Romney steps in it early. (not likely but anything could happen) #3. Polling shows him not only winning the nomination among Tea Partier’s but squishy conservatives too. #4. Polling shows him beating Obama and a clear winner with Independents.

Paul Ryan

Here’s why I like him. He’s young, 41, very articulate and passionate about being a conservative without sounding like an ideologue. He’s building strong support among fellow Republicans for his economic policy (he gets free face time each time they debate it and that will only increase over the summer). He’s oddly good looking—tall and thin is always good. Married with three children, he exudes a solid family character. Of course there’s always the possibility he’s got a dark, nasty secret that could be revealed during an October surprise by the desperate left but I doubt it.

His young-gun persona would be disarming for Obama. In a head to head debate I think Ryan would come out looking more intelligent and experienced despite being 8 years younger. This might also attract some of the younger vote who voted with their eyes in 2008. McCain was just too old and gray.

Of course there is always the possibility of a VP nod. He might be more inclined to accept that now while looking ahead. If Romney wins the nomination, a Ryan VP might just work. That pulls in the Tea Party, the Midwest, the younger vote…hmmm. Romney/Ryan 2012…It has a nice ring to it.


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