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Pay The Penalty April 10, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I gotta vent. I’m driving this morning and I come to a red light. It’s four lanes of traffic with the far left lane a dedicated left turn. I’m in the second from left lane six cars back. As the light turns green we all start to move except for the lane to my right which is a straight only lane. Some moron decides they want to turn left and have failed to go.

They have their left turn signal blinking and the wheels slightly turned to the left but stopped dead in their tracks. This is a big intersection with lots of traffic. I bet there were at least 70 cars in all four lanes waiting for the green light. This inconsiderate idiot decides they don’t want to pay the price of doing a u-turn up at the next intersection. They would rather make everyone behind them suffer for their selfishness.

This is what’s wrong with our country. No one is willing to pay the penalty anymore, regardless of how it may effect anyone else. This lady got an earful and thankfully I wasn’t in her lane or I would have surely added to the displeasure honking her way. It’s those times I wish I had a vaporizing ray gun…man I could fix up this world in a hurry.



1. Mark Graf - April 10, 2011

Ditto…. its pure selfishness but the problem is that these people don’t realize it, they think they are entitled to just stop everyone else and do what they please. Its their right. Its a total inconsideration for their fellow being. I ran across an almost similar situation this past weekend. We were at a major league baseball game and the family two row in front of us got up one by one to go to the concession stand in the middle of an inning. As one stood up to go, an other told them what to get and then stood up to go along. Pretty soon all five were standing and obstructing the view for everyone behind them. When I ask them to sit down so we could see, I was told I was rude and scoffed at. When they just stood there and took even more time, more people around me chimed in to tell them to sit down. They slowly sauntered out. Upon their return, they could not wait until a break in the action, no they had to come back in the middle of an inning and take there time and then, standing in front of all of us play musical chairs deciding who should sit next to whom. And I know if the roles were reversed in a movie theater, their mouths would be running faster than a cheetah with the foulest language if I stood up and just stood there. That is the problem with, and I will say it liberal America, badmouth and degrade everyone, but don’t get close to me, because I am ENTITLED!!!

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