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Good Morning March 14, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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The switch to Daylight savings time is always a bit un-nerving for me. While I like the later light in the evenings, waking again to darkness when all winter I have been slowly enjoying the creep towards a brighter dawn seems like a set back. I decided to try to make the best of it this morning.

I was up before 6am. The sky hadn’t yet begun to lighten from its dark slumber. The windows in my office were open— taking advantage of the cool nights. The sounds of dawn began to waft  around me and I paused from my web surfing to let this morning greet me in its own unique way.

With the world seeming to be in an unprecedented state of dis-ease I was thankful my little space was calm and quiet. The waxing dawn was singing a sweet morning melody and I realized how blessed I was to hear it. It lasted about 10 minutes.

A siren began to wail, growing louder as the distance between us shortened. It finally began to fade and the morning songs of the birds returned to fill the void. But the spell was broken. More sounds of civilization began to take over and as with the now brightening sky, my world was waking.

It was just ten minutes but it was my ten minutes. Good morning to all.



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