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The Coming Dark Age March 7, 2011

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I have long thought that we are but a nano second away from returning to the dark ages.

Last week my sister Kate and brother in-law Kurt visited. They arrived in a 2012 Ford Explorer prototype. (My brother in-law is a writer for an automotive blog and he gets a new Press vehicle to drive each week). This car was a technological wonder. Multiple video screens that can be split, over-layed and multiplexed displaying everything a driver could possibly want (and not want)  to see. I am sure there was more computing power in this car than went to the moon the first time.

As we rambled down the road to dinner Kurt was proudly touching screens and interfacing his I-phone via blue tooth through the stereo while speaking to the GPS announcing our destination address to the voice actuated system. I was enjoying the plush comfort of Corinthian leather, sweetly surrounded by that new car smell all the while watching the technological show unfold before me. Then it dawned on me just how dependent we have become on technology. We are addicted to gadgetry.

Kurt was on his fourth try with the Ford Sync voice activated system when I suddenly imagined a world, so taken by the sophistry that technology makes our lives better, without it.   What if suddenly an electromagnetic pulse emanating from an EMP detonation or nuclear explosion just rendered every electronic device useless? This gorgeous, 2012 leather-lined luxury limo would stop cold in its tracks proving the age old acronym for F.O.R.D. (found on road dead).

And of course there would be no cell phones, or lights or power or radio or TV. Pumps and motors would not work. Refrigerators would grow warm. It would be like it is after a hurricane only permanently. In just 24 hours serious panic would begin to take root across the entire affected area. If it was a major attack or one with multiple explosions over a wide area, vast portions of this country would be living in an instant stone age with no real hope of getting out.

Since 98% of the population has never hunted or trapped and can only identify an edible vegetable through the packaging, things would get very ugly very soon. In an instant the 21st century would reverse itself by 200 years.

Kurt never did get the Sync system to recognize the address of the restaurant but that was ok, I knew the directions. I’m not going to rely on technology to get me to dinner.





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