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Goo Goo for Google October 31, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Google is taking over the world and you know, I’m cool with that.  Amazing statement since Sergey Brin is a flaming liberal who, I’m sure, after a few more years will prove to be the Anti-Christ along with George Soros. But I got to tell ya, I love the stuff you can do with Google’s apps. My newest favorite is being able to measure any distance on earth in practically any measure of unit you can conceive of.

Feel like knowing how many Pergamon cubits it is to the nearest Safeway?…no problem. How about how many American football fields it is to the nearest American football field? Cubits, rods, furlongs, links, chains and light years. Damn these guys at Google are geeks.



1. Mark Graf - November 1, 2010

Google is on the way to doing just that, taking over the world as we know it…. on the subject of bandwidth ….. returing from a recent teloco conference I learned that You Tube alone uses 5% of the world’s bandwidth consumed for internet use.

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