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Tenure is evil October 19, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Tenure. Liberalism’s greatest tool.

The most egregious example is in academia. Put in your time, publish regularly and you secure a permanent job regardless of your performance after the fact. Now we have yet another professor, espousing hate and he will face no other consequence than a three-sentence excuse from the school’s administration. “Michael Hill, the school’s executive vice president, told CBN that the University in no way agrees with or supports Siddique’s comments on Israel. But, he added, Siddique is tenured and has freedom of speech, and the school cannot control his private life. He added that the school will ensure his personal views do not seep into the classroom.”

The Daily Texan also questions why we allow tenure.

Liberal academia is destroying this country. This is where evil is spawned, inseminating itself throughout society. Journalism and law students are the most easily infected and give the highest return on investment once unleashed into the masses. Tenure protects liberalism. It eliminates incentive and accountability. Tenure must be eradicated, especially in public organizations that receive public funds. No one is above losing their job for poor behavior or performance, especially those in position of power and influence.



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