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Faith September 2, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a very smart man so I am surprised at his latest pronouncement that God didn’t create the Universe. I have a cousin who’s very smart. He’s got that scientist type of mind (he’s a doc) that filters everything through the logical, ‘what can I see, taste or feel’, process in order to make sense of something.

In their world if it can’t be proven, measured, duplicated and the outcome repeated by others, it can’t be true.

I remember one lively Christmas discussion; cousins, aunts and uncles clustered around the dinner table debating religion on the eve of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Most of the family fell into the traditional ‘believe in God’ camp and all the attendant Christian dogma that goes with it. Except for dear cousin scientist (who was in college at the time) who pronounced his philosophy of the Laws and the Particles.  As a precocious 14-year old, excited not to be seated at the children’s table this year, I was fascinated by the spirited debate among the adults over the seemingly blasphemous ideas spouted forth by my older cousin. He stated there was no God, just the laws of physics that directed everything else in nature. I remember the conversation got elevated and voices were raised (undoubtedly in direct proportion to the amount of wine consumed) as each camp tried to establish a high ground.  I don’t remember how the debate ended but to this day we fondly recall the ‘Laws and the Particles’ Christmas.

Dr. Hawking is entitled to his beliefs and so is my cousin. I just happen to think that the laws of physics are the physical manifestations that resulted when God created matter.

Scientists will always seek the reason for why something is. In their world there must be a finite beginning, a process and sometimes a finite end. That’s all well and good when your dealing in the physical world. To explain God we need a little thing called Faith. With Faith, I know the answer will be revealed to me one day when I am prepared to understand it.

If believing in The Laws and the Particles makes you sleep easy each night, by all means sleep easy. God Bless you Dr. Hawking and Dr. Walker. I look forward to the day when we all find out who’s theory was right.



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