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8/28 Rally August 29, 2010

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Me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

I just got back to Florida from the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC. I flew in early Saturday just in time to make the event. I’m still trying to process the enormity of it all. I heard one news outlet was quoting a source saying there were just 87,000 participants. As I live and breathe, I can attest to there being over 400,000 people packed on the Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Why can I say that? Ohio State stadium seats over 100,000 and you could have fit at least four stadiums in the footprint of the mass of humanity that came to rally for Faith, Hope and Charity.

Rally was inside the black lines - 8/10th's of a mile long

Honor Rally from Washington Monument

It’s so predictable the liberal press will do anything to denigrate the will of the people when it does not follow their liberal agenda. Well I was there and I know the truth. God Bless Glenn Beck, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and every person who joined the awesome throng honoring those among us who represent the best in America.

Here are some images from the rally.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Honor Rally, behind the stage, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Man praying at the base of the Washington Monument

Honor Rally Patriot



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