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Do unto others….. July 5, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Spiritual, Yachts and other things that float.
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I haven’t posted in quite a while…lots of reasons not least of which is the mounting pessimism I feel about the current state of the world. I talked about my reticence to write with a friend who always has a sunny view because she has trained herself to see the world as she would like it to be. Rather than dwell on the negative and focus energies on the bad, she reverses it and extols the benefits of living the way we ought to be and points out the way to do it. She refrains from any negativity and keeps the focus on the positive. This is all based on the Edgar Cayce teachings (based on Christ) that thoughts are just as important as deeds and carry the same karmic weight. Negative thoughts as well as negative actions create a discordant vibration with the Universal Force (God) and thus retard our souls growth.

I am fighting mightily not to pound out a 500-word screed against everything I see as wrong with our country, President and current direction. Instead, I will take a deep breath and ask everyone to live by the Golden Rule, do something nice for someone else today and keep all of those who need God’s light in your prayers.

Have a wonderful day!


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