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Happy Memorial Day May 31, 2010

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Three years ago a new Veterans cemetery opened west of my town. The South Florida National Cemetery held a lovely ceremony honoring all our veterans. My Dad and his wife joined me and my wife and daughter for this morning’s event. I was very pleased to see a very large turnout—at least 2000 braving the rapidly warming breeze. It reminded me of the  way we celebrated Memorial Day where I grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts marched and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. A bag pipe and drum corp led the color guards to the forefront to open the program. A minister invoked the gathering with prayer and several local dignitaries and the incumbent Congressman in my district spoke—Ron Klein. A disgusting liberal who is being challenged by Allen West who, if you have read my blog before, is an amazing man running for Congress, District 22 from Florida. It was a shame Col. West didn’t speak.  Klein is not a veteran and West is! Thankfully Klein’s remarks were brief and the program went on with sobering words from several highly decorated veterans. I was glad my Dad was there. As the only veteran in my family, I felt he should be honored too while he is still around to enjoy it.

The cemetery has already interred over 6200 veterans. I pray those that follow are from America’s old wars and not any new ones.

Below is a screen shot from Allen West’s websight.



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