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Weber Wheel Alignment – West Palm Beach April 14, 2010

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It’s so refreshing to find a business that does business the way business used to do business. I’ve had an annoying shake in my truck since I put four new Michelins on almost two years ago. Once I get to 70mph I can feel the truck start to shimmy. It smooths back out at 80mph. Unfortunately I drive the freeway a lot and 75mph is my average speed. Under 70 I’d get killed and over 80 I’m ticket bait.

I’ve taken it back to the tire store three times and had them check and re-balance and rotate to no avail. Thinking these guys were incompetent, (I bought the tires at BJ’s, a box store like Costco) I had the tires checked and rebalanced twice at different tire retailers. Nothing worked. I put new shocks and struts on. I even had the drive shaft checked. She still shakes right at 70mph. I got a tip from the third tire dealer I spoke with that a shop in West Palm might have the equipment needed to fix my problem. After just 5 minutes on the phone with the owner, I knew this guy had forgotten more about tires and alignment than most of the tech’s I’d dealt with would ever know.

I brought my truck in early yesterday morning and Jim Weber, the owner, met me and waived me over to a service bay. We exchanged pleasantries and he proceeded to explain what the likely problem was before even touching the car. Seems Michelin tires are fantastic for passenger cars but not so much for SUV’s and Toyota’s are finicky about the type of tire you have.

He jacked up the back just 3 inches off the ground—enough to have the tires roll free. He started the vehicle and let the tires roll in idle. As soon as he looked at the tires he announced the right rear was out of round. Sure enough, looking at it while it was spinning, the tire had a slight wobble. He dropped the jack, lifted one side and then checked the front, applying a spinning wheel to the tire to bring it up to speed.  Sure enough the front left also wobbled. “You got two out of round tires.” He announced with the surety you get with a lifetime of knowledge about one thing. “They were bad from the factory.” “Each time you rotated, you just moved one bad tire from back to front and visa versa.”  “You need two new tires.”

The entire diagnosis had taken less than 15 minutes and I was happy to know I didn’t have some very expensive problem to deal with. I asked him how much for the diagnosis and he just waived me off saying, “Come back when you need some real work done.”

So now I know what the problem is and I get to negotiate with BJ’s on replacing two factory defective tires. I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly two years to get to the bottom of this and why nobody else figured it out.

Thanks Weber Wheel Alignment! You’ve got a customer for life.

5323 Georgia Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33405



1. Dania Guardado - April 27, 2010

I have used Weber Wheel Alignment since I bought my first car, over 15 years ago, and have always been very satisfied with their service.. My personal opinion is that they abide by the honesty rule. Thanks!

2. Rick F. - July 7, 2010

The first time I took my car to Weber Wheel I was just a teenager and driving a ’54 Chevy. My Chevy needed a new idler arm (I don’t think cars even have these anymore). I went there on my father’s suggestion as he was a ‘long-time’ customer. Since I’m now 63 this was over 45 years ago! I’ve been going to Weber Wheel ever since and very satisfied with their service. They use Bear equipment – which has always been considered one of the best type equip. for alignments. I’ve never had any complaints with their work. Top notch every time.

One story I’d like to share…
On one occasion, I tried getting a 4-wheel alignment at a local Toyota dealer as they were running a special. My 2002 Camry was pulling a little to the left. After they put my car on the rack and ran some tests, they said I needed new struts and some kind of tower (forget the actual name) to the tune of $1100! I passed on getting this work done @ Toyota and called Jim Russell – the owner of Weber Wheel and explained my problem. He said bring it in and we’ll check it out. I took my car to Weber Wheel and they made a small adjustment to correct the pulling to the left. There was no charge for this minor repair either! I thanked Jim for their service and remember him saying that there’s a difference between technicians and “parts changers”.

These guys are all pros! They know the wheel, tire, and suspension business very well. I’ve been recommending them for over 40 years now.

Rick F.

3. Dick Ombres - January 24, 2011

it may seem superfulious to reiterate that Weber wheel alignment does it right, but i must because its true..Ron Weber began the business many years ago, coming from Detroit, where he learn the automobile alignment trade. the tradition of a good honest assessment of the front end with correction completed in the least amount of steps has been carried forth by his son in law Jim Russell.. Ron, now depart , can be proud of the continued good work done by the mechanics under Jim’s supervision..Thanks for being there ..for us misaligned

4. Christian Riera - August 18, 2011

I completely restore a 1964 1/2 Mustang, when i finally finished it, with new original rims, tires and front suspension completely redone, i didn’t know where to bring the car to do the alignment, i asked a mechanic that restore cars and said ” go to Weber in Palm Beach, they’re the best ” so i went there, and they really are, they made an excellent job, the car drives better than a 2011, the guy know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t be fooled with tire shops that have incompetent persons working, you’ll waste more in time, money, etc, than going to Weber, and get the job well done from the beginning.

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