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One Man’s Trash… March 20, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Saturday mornings are trash day in my neighborhood.

One of my next-door neighbors throws out a lot of valuable stuff. I’ve seen perfectly good furniture, lamps, patio stuff and who knows what else buried in the cans, piled at the curb for pickup. It seems the trash guys have marked my neighbor as a treasure trove stop. Every Saturday morning they make an extended stop, closely examining the refuse for a prize or two or three. Lately the culling has taken on a sporting nature. This morning, the driver actually got out of the cab, walked down to my trash can and dragged it back to the truck for deposit while the guys who ride on the back tore through my neighbors detritus. He returned my empty trashcan and continued down to the next house and dragged that trash back to the truck while his partners in crime continued to search for treasure.

I was struck by the  crew’s conscientiousness. By multitasking, the driver had given his buddies time to score while not really delaying the pick-up route. Since my trash and the neighbor’s next in line had been collected by the driver, once the cull was complete, they skipped down the street staying on schedule.   It’s nice to know there a perks with any job as long as you know how to work them.



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