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Philadelphia – Historic City March 13, 2010

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Liberty Bell

I was traveling most of last week—up in Philly doing recon for a school trip I recently sold. Like Washington, DC and Boston, Philadelphia is one of our great historical cities—probably the most historic. I know DC residents and Bostonians will argue that fact but I’m here to tell you, Philly is the winner.

The city was home to the greatest minds of the day and arguably the greatest American minds ever. Our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence along with a host of other documents that created our country were all born there.

I’ve visited the city many times over the years. Each visit revealed another addition to the city’s renovation and upgrading of the tourist experience. The new National Constitution Center is a magnificent addition to the mix. The entire center is focused on the Constitution, the Framers, and the ideals that went into the documents creation.

Independence Hall

A visit to Philadelphia, and DC and Boston for that matter, should be required of every schoolchild in America. With the liberal teachers unions slowly erasing the teaching of the founding of our country, it is more important than ever that kids get exposed to the truth and the facts.   Standing in Independence Hall, the very place the Founders debated the way our country should be formed, students will at least understand that it’s real—it’s where that history was made.

Sam and George and Ben sat here

It’s time we refocus our priorities with respect to spending tax dollars. Let’s spend some of those ‘stimulus’ funds on underwriting school trips to Philly and DC and Boston.

How about it Mr. President? Or are you afraid that once our kid’s learn about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence—the antidote to the Progressive poison being taught today, they’ll realize just what a presidential putz you are?

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