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The Post doesn’t like my opinion March 3, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Something still stinks

A letter to the editor of The Palm Beach Post written on February 14th—which hasn’t made the opinion page yet.

Dear Mr. Burke

Where’s the Post’s coverage of a story making headlines around the world? On February 13 in an interview with the BBC, Phil Jones from the University of East Anglia, former lead scientist at the climate research unit and the guy at the center of the recent e-mail controversy late last year, said, quote, “The recent warming trend that began in 1975 is not at all different than two other planetary warming phases since 1850; there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995, and, it is possible the Medieval Warm Period was indeed a global phenomenon thereby making the temperatures seen in the latter part of the 20th century by no means unprecedented.

Though he says he still believes that the earth’s temperature has warmed. He also said that he might be missing some of the data that is responsible for his climate models.

Wow, pretty big news. And the rest of the world got to read about this several days ago. Even the UK’s unabashed left-leaning Guardian and BBC covered it in-depth. Yet the Post and virtually all other media outlets in the US ignored it.

Shameful Mr. Burke, truly shameful. If you started acting like a responsible newspaper and actually reported the news of the day, even when it flies in the face of your not-so-well-veiled political agenda, you might stop hemorrhaging readers and regain some credibility as a professional newspaper.

When the Post decides to report the news, regardless of how it sits with the editorial board, I’ll renew my subscription. (I read on-line, mostly for the high school sports)

Yeah, right!



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