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Going Postal February 27, 2010

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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I almost went postal at the post office.

My daughter needed her passport renewed so I went on line, filled out the form and printed it, had two photos made, read the directions three ways to Sunday so I was making sure I had everything I needed. That included her old passport as identification, a check for the Department of State and a credit card to pay the Post Office for the service of processing and a separate photo copy of the identification she was using.

The main post office is one of 5 that process passports and the closest to my house. They are open Saturday from 10-2.

We arrived this morning, just past 10, to a line of at least 50 queued up in front of the special window labeled ‘Passports’. I groaned but was just happy to be getting this done. The line moved slowly and after nearly two hours we were just six people from the front. That’s when a postal employee came out and started checking people’s papers. Something they hadn’t been doing before. When the woman got to us I proudly handed her our documents knowing I had painstakingly checked and re-checked and knew I had everything we needed. When she asked where the original birth certificate was I told her I didn’t bring it as the instructions on-line specifically said all I need was; and I quote; (copied from the Government’s passport website)

STEP 3: Present Identification

When applying for a U.S. passport in person, acceptable identification must be presented at the time of application.

Primary Identification (One of the following):
1. Previously issued, undamaged U.S. passport
2. Naturalization Certificate
3. Valid Driver’s License
4. Current Government ID (city, state or federal)
5. Current Military ID (military and dependents)

Note the phrase,  ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

She then proceeded to tell me those instructions were wrong and I did in fact need an original birth certificate in addition to the previously issued, undamaged U.S. passport.

Two freakin’ hours of standing in line wasted because our damn government can’t get its shit together.

And the Liberals want more Government…just what we need. More jobs for ignorant Americans. Yeah, I think it’s getting time to go postal.



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