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Glenn Beck – Populist? February 25, 2010

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It seems Glenn Beck has captured the bulk of my affections of late. Maybe it’s just me but I think I detect the beginnings of the ‘Great Separation’ starting to occur. I’m talking about the defining of Conservatism among conservatives.

Glenn Beck

It may have been Beck’s CPAC keynote speech on February 21, that finally broke the camels back. For the several years I have been listening/reading/watching Mr. Beck, I have witnessed his positions coalesce into a tighter and tighter ball—all glued together with the principles of the Founding Fathers and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

His message, often delivered with the self-described aplomb of a rodeo clown, has finally been distilled so as to set itself unmistakably apart from mainstream conservatism. Beck’s bully pulpit, which grows in stature daily, has allowed his message to finally reach a critical mass.

The definition is ridiculously simple. Nine principles that are not negotiable, amendable or debatable.  (Hmmmm. If he added one more he’d have Ten Commandments.)

All of this wouldn’t amount to much if so many Americans were not so dialed into the whole idea. Beck has reminded us of the values that guided our Founding Fathers and the importance of not wavering; either for the sake of compromise or the chance of getting elected.

The recent attacks from fellow conservative pundits is proof Beck has drawn his line in the sand. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill Bennett and the like are all squawking. Beck has called them out. The issues that usually define the degree to which one calls themselves a Conservative are not the ones in play here, i.e., abortion, gay marriage, etc. Rather, Beck is challenging the fundamental principles that define what he considers conservative values. Not the planks of the party’s platform but the very columns they rest on.

The coming months will be oh so important to the Conservative movement. It sounds strange to say it like this but I’m hoping the ‘populist’ Beck comes out the winner.



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